27 December 2009

Super Black - Cut Ups 001

Pain jams underneath the staggering plant. Pain bases the considered wombat.
Pain dishes my
tedious bond into a crunched abuse.
Why can't God parallel the dying chalk?
The carrier
differentiates a splitting pain.
Why does Pain pulse outside God?

How will the pedantic circle shoe Pain?
The susceptible coin grades an ancient against the
keyed husband.
An aunt tolerates God over a recruit. A calm volunteers with God.

A surrounded breath dreads Pain throughout the stunned brain.
Pain emerges near the
How can God obsess Pain? Pain seconds God underneath the silent.
When will Pain
rend the undocumented knife?
How will the executed female strain under God?
An insidious tutor burdens Pain across the

verdict. The minor abides after a basket! Why does Pain suffer?

Pain absents God. A prisoner doses a nick. Inside Pain discriminates the ace knight.
When will
Pain pretend the substantial snail?

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