26 January 2009

Consumed lately at T01 Music 07

Listening :

Modern Eon - Fiction Tales (1981)
I guess these days it could be called 'Goth' music ?Great drumming using some inventive tom patterns ...ah yes the lost art of using rack toms!I bought this when I was a teenager and used to practice drumming along to it with the headphones on.My neighbours were extremely patient now that I think about it.
Found over HERE

24 January 2009

Consumed lately at T01 Music 06

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  • The Features - Victim / City Scenes (1980) Fantastic Kiwi Post-Punk that still sounds fresh - Read all about it HERE

22 January 2009

Consumed lately at T01 Music 05

Viewing :
  • Downtown '81 - Featuring Jean Michel Basquiat - NY before the 'gentrification' of The Bowery.IMDB Info
"Usually referred to by its original title "DOWNTOWN 81", the film gives a snapshot of life in run-down Lower East Side Manhattan in the early '80s. Shot in 1981, the film portrays the day-to-day routine of Jean-Michel Basquiat, "graffiti"-artist, musician, or perhaps more accurately, artist in general, as he tries to survive amidst rappers, junkies, strippers, models and uptown art-lovers. Due to financial difficulties, the film apparently got lost, but part of the original material was recovered in 1998 and was finally released in the year 2000. The original soundtrack remained lost, so Basquiat's voice had to be dubbed.
It's an interesting time-capsule of Post-Punk, New-Wave New York, with a sometimes fascinating compilation of interesting vignettes from the scene, but as a movie, it's less rewarding. The story is practically non-existent and there is no acting really, as everybody play themselves. There's much resemblance to the experimental films Andy Warhol made about the New York art scene. It's a typical example of a "fiction" film with a very lose story line combined with mostly real-life characters from the period, like Deborah Harry, Fab Five Freddy, the music of Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Tuxemodoon, The Plastics, DNA, The Lounge Lizards and Basquiat himself with his own band, Gray. A long segment in the film is reserved for a live performance of Kid Creole and the Coconuts. If you're a fan, it's great fun.
In the end a mixed bag, a film mainly of interest for fans of Basquiat and the music of the era. So, if you like the period, it's definitely worth checking out.

Camera Obscura --- 7/10"

20 January 2009

Consumed lately at T01 Music 04

  • Phew - Our Likeness (1992) Japanese singer collaborates with members of CAN / D.A.F et al. HERE
  • Simple Minds - Empires and Dance (1980) When they were good and probably more influenced by Krautrock than GREED...HERE
Viewing :
  • The Australian Open Tennis ( yep )

17 January 2009

Consumed lately at T01 Music 03

Listening :
  • Liquid Liquid - S/T (1997 )First 3 Eps & Live tracks.Legendary NY 80s funksters who wrote the track 'Cavern' sampled and made famous by Grandmaster Flash
  • Witch Hats - Cellulite Soul .Brash rock from Tasmanian lads now located in Melbourne.
  • Minutemen - Paranoid Time (1980)stunning debut on Greg Ginn's SST label featuring one Michael Watt , lately of The Stooges...

Viewing :

  • The Foreigner - Amos Poe ( 1978 )Rambling tale in downtown NY featuring various No Wave luminaries.IMDB

14 January 2009

Consumed lately at T01 Music 02

Listening :
  • Comsat Angels - Sleep no more
  • CAN - Soon over Babaluma
  • Seems Twice - Non-plussed 7" ( 10 tracks in 5 minutes !! ) HERE
  • UT - In Gut's House
  • The Pop Group - How much longer do we tolerate mass murder ? (1980) HERE
  • Units - Digital Stimulation (1980) HERE
  • Liaisons Dangereuses - S/T (1981) HERE
Viewing :
  • The Knack and how to get it ( 1965 ) IMDB info
  • Street Trash ( 1987 ) trashy 80s Gore/Humour IMDB info

11 January 2009

Consumed lately at T01 Music

Here's what has been consumed lately at T01 Music

Latest Viewing:
  • Bande A Parte - Jean Luc Godard
  • Touch of Evil - Orson Welles
  • Cul de sac - Roman Polanski
Latest Listening:
  • Captain Beefheart - Doc at the Radar Station
  • Death in June - NADA!
  • Love - Forever Changes

R.I.P Ron Asheton

09 January 2009

Dotdash on the wireless

Dotdash has some fresh songs up on myspace NOW ...And if you happen to live in Auckland or Dunedin NZ or Melbourne , Brisbane in Australia you may be lucky enough to hear some of his tracks on local radio stations.
Dotdash has provided the soundtrack for the antipodean summer - especially dedicated to all the misanthropes who avoid beach culture , nature walks or garden bars - we feel your PAIN...