09 October 2008


Dotdash has some new demos up on his myspace site.The tracks have a back to basics feel.Simple Bass,guitar,drums and a 'song' orientated approach... all with a sense of drama of course.
Dotdash - keepin' it real - keepin' it EMO :-)

Meanwhile Bob Cadillac has a new project going - reportedly in the 'Grindcore' vein...And that's probably a good thing.Let's just hope Chris can tune his guitar before they play...

22 September 2008


has some new demos out and a new MYSPACE ready for the masses.The songs seem to have taken a turn to the 'darkside' folks...what can you say when you live in S U B U R B I A ?

26 August 2008

Life after CLONES

So - Clones have called it a day.Tribal Thunder is still pumping out new tunes on his myspace.
The new tracks feature some fairly primitive keyboard playing and more reverb than you can poke a stick at...
As for Bob Cadillac ? Still drinkin' ,watchin' TV and carrying the flag for ROCK N' ROLL ...

26 July 2008

That's right...Chinaski has officially quit Clones but we won't be disclosing the reasons why.Needless to say it's a BIG loss.Whether or not Clones continues on remains to be seen.And this is before Clones played a gig!!The Clones myspace will remain online just to document the recordings...What a shame - this band had the potential to be a fantastic live act.All flowers , messages of grief and moneys can be forwarded via their myspace.Meanwhile Bob Cadillac still has some recordings availible via his myspace and of course Tribal Thunders on under the name Dotdash.What else is there to say but - HAHAHAHAHA HOHOHOHOHO HEEHEEHEEHEEHEE

03 July 2008

New Clones tracks ready

Chinaski has just added some moaning and groaning , crooning and swooning to the latest Clones demos including : 'Smokin' Dub' and 'Burnout'.Two extremes in sound - massive dub and some grimy psychedelic spacepunk...Check our myspace to hear the fantastic results & stay tuned for Clones L I V E ....

19 June 2008

Dotdash demo ready now

Just a quick update.Dotdash has a new demo 'Bombs' ready for listening over on his myspace.It's one of the few tracks you'll hear him use a 'talking bass' effect ...it works believe me!

27 May 2008


Clones - Drummer vs. Drum Machine

Clones at one point were looking for a drummer to complete the lineup.The requirements were standard...must like Punk,Post Punk ,Industrial,Dub etc ...binge drinking , barbecues and complaining about other bands...
We polled far and w i d e - and the response ? ONE APPLICANT who thought they would get tired after one song...
Now Melbourne is full of BANDS...some might say TOO MANY...so why add to the mass of already average bands littering the streets?Why indeed...But we didn't count on the totally apathetic response to our band...maybe we were worse than we thought?Maybe too old?Not EMO/ELECTRO enough?God knows.So PLAN B = buy a Drum Machine.If it's good enough for Big Black then why not?
So the demos we've been flogging to the public were recorded with a 'real drummer' Tribal Thunder/Dotdash.
He's played the tracks more or less like a drum machine anyway.But if you're looking to sleep with the drummer after one of the Clones gigs you're out of luck - unless you're kinky and like that sort of MAN/Machine weird sex.So All Hail the drum machine - won't steal your drink/girlfriend , easy to fit in the taxi...

18 May 2008

Our first 'review'...the cheque's in the mail

This just in from Andrew Schmidt's blog Mysterex - someone is listening God bless 'im...
Flipper’s moggied out prowler Ha Ha Ha has long been a favourite. It was one of those arty punk tracks from Jello Biafra’s landmark 1982 compilation, Let Them Eat Jellybeans, that dug deep into the head. It sounds no less biting and snarky in 2008 as Melbourne’s Clones give it a good dusting at www.myspace.com/icloned. The Clones are Dark Mark Courtney, long active on the Hamilton punk scene in groups such as Swamp Goblin, performing here as Stininski, Lance Strickland, Paeroa’s best product of punk, and Bob Cadillac from Christchurch. Kiwi ex pats all. Better still is UFO Remix, a pounding synth slashed original. Both tracks can be downloaded gratis. Bargain. Lance also has Dot Dash (www.myspace.com/dotdasha), his solo electronic project. Anyone who thinks Myspace sites are minimal and clumsy should take a look at this layout. It suits the sounds as well. Lance also demonstates his considerable way with words with tales about SPUD and King Loser. There’s four downloadable tracks available of which Fruity, a propulsive synth-dance track with occasional dark twist, and Musk, where the synths attack, are the pick.
So it's T01's shout next time we spot Andy...And BTW - there's some great reading on his blog just in case you were even mildly curious to know more about some legendary Kiwi Punk.

Clones - Will resume shortly

Clones - not the prettiest flowers in the bunch,that's for sure.But we look like blokes you could trust right?Might even be fun to hang out with ?Probably lend you some money?Well let's not get carried away...What we can say is all systems are GO @ Clones HQ and the new set promises to be totally fit , fat free and low cholesterol!Now if you're as keen on Dub as we are then why not have a listen to our latest effort 'Tough Guy Dub'...we got da bass to move mountains ...and who knows it might end up having a vocal track soon...Clones - goin' hard and goin' home...

09 May 2008

Bob Cadillac - Pretty Wack

Bob Cadillac has a solo album ready to go.It's called 'Pretty Wack'.You can preview it on his myspace.Tribal and Chinaski gave him a bit of help - It rocks...

08 May 2008

Downtime in the studio

: "Nietzsche once said...."

Chinaski: "E = MC squared mate..."
But seriously ...waiting around while the mix is put down can be a bit tedious unless you're directly involved.So the lads take the opportunity to 'tear the scab off one' 'cos it's 'beer o'clock'...And why not.A BIG part of the rock 'n roll lifestyle involves -
W A I T I N G - A R O U N D .It starts with beer and before you know it - HEROIN.That's why it's useful for rock musicians to take up a hobby like Blogging,going to the gym ,volunteering in soup kitchens or buying Castles for their real estate portfolio.The devil finds work for idle hands!!!

View our Youtube Faves here

Evening Comrades.As you can see we've posted this youtube playlist for your viewing pleasure.It's mostly 80's stuff 'cos we're old and probably own VINYL by these bands...remember 'RECORDS' ??There's some videos on here I thought had disappeared for good , but thanks to the generosity of the youtube community the memories live on - go ahead , take a trip down memory lane OR catch up on some of that wicked 'retro' music from the 80s...

07 May 2008

Stiff Little Fingers Melbourne gig

Irish 70s punks
Stiff Little Fingers will be playing a show here in Melbourne this Saturday night.It's been over 20 years since I first heard their live album 'Hanx' so it's obviously bringing back a lot of memories of drunken,screaming nights , fist pumping and general 'punk' rowdiness.The Buzzcocks visited here not long ago and didn't fail to get the old farts yelling along.I'm sure they'll all be back for this show too!Altogether now - Bar bar bar ..barb wire love!!!

Stiff Little Fingers (Northern Ireland), Head Inc (Melbourne), Badtown (NZ)
HiFi Bar & Ballroom
125 Swanston St, Melbourne, VIC
When 8.30pm Saturday 10 May 2008
Price $50 (+ bf)
Tickets from :
Missing Link Record Shop: (03) 96708208
Polyester Records: (03) 94195137

03 May 2008

Tribal Thunder at T01 Studios

Tribal Thunder / Dotdash @ T01 Studios : 04.2008.

TT laying down yet another merciless bassline on the upcoming Clones demos.
For all you gear nerds ; the bass is dropped tuned : C/G/D/G and played through a Korg Toneworks AX10G multiprocessor.OK?No amp was used.The FX unit was D.I. to a Soundcraft Compact 10 mixer.OK?
The results can be heard here on the remix of Unidentified.Or of course via the stream here on our blog.

02 May 2008

Dotdash - The Facts

Dotdash , Tribal Thunder Master of none
- who is it then ??
Dotdash grimaced his way through the 80s and 90s as a musician based mostly in Auckland , New Zealand.These were the heady days of Flying Nun Records , Post-Punk and bad hair.Known mostly as a drummer for King Loser & S.P.U.D ,from the sticky carpets of the Gluepot to the plush surrounds of Sammys to supporting bands such as Sonic Youth ,Tribal pounded out the rhythm 'til he dropped.Tribal relocated to Melbourne Australia in the late 90s.Discovery of the anarchic nature of the internet and emerging digital technologies strengthened his resolve to abandon the tedious
trappings of the 'music business' and forge a new more D.I.Y approach to making and releasing music.Tribal has been recording and releasing his own music as free downloads under the name Dotdash for a few years now.It's been a decade since he's performed live but the time seems right to take it to the people again as he steps out with a new band - Clones.

Apathy was apparently the enemy of Punk - he proved them wrong...

Clones - All you need to know

Introducing Clones :

Bob Cadillac - Born Christchurch , New Zealand.
Former bands include : Moth Gods , Black Panthers and Cadillac .
Bob also has a solo project and an album called 'Pretty Wack'.
Currently playing whatever he's told to in Clones...

Chinaksi - Born Hamilton , New Zealand.
Former bands include : Swamp Goblin , Blue Movie.
Chinaski sings it like he means it with Clones.

Tribal Thunder - Born Paeroa , New Zealand.
Former bands include : King Loser , S.P.U.D , The Rainy Days , Virginia Reel , Headshrinkas.
Tribal also has a 'thing' called Dotdash.
Tribal plays Bass or whatever else takes his fancy.

What's it sound like ?
Listen to the demos...

Where are Clones from ?
Darkest Suburban Melbourne , Australia where only MEN are allowed to touch the BBQ...

Where can I see Clones perform ?
Youtube , Myspace , Blogger , and pretty soon at a smelly old pub near you ...

What are your influences ?
insert media release here <-

insert index finger here <-

What sort of gear do you guys use ?

We'll need to borrow yours if you don't mind.

Clones are GO ...sort of ...

2008 could be the year Clones actually do something.What began as highly animated discussions over imported
beer seems to have progressed into the formation of a B A N D...Recording kicked off late 2007 with Tribal Thunder putting down the rhythm and guitar tracks for some Clones demos.A cover of the Flipper classic Ha Ha Ha was recorded with Bob Cadillac on vocal duties.Chinaski performed all other vocals in typical Dark Mark fashion.
Who will be playing what in the live form of the band is still undecided after the search for a drummer ended in a fairly underwhelming response.The band hasn't taken it personally and will probably use a DRUM MACHINE instead...That's right - no mistakes , always on time and you only have to punch the information in once...
A band 'rockumentary' also began filming during the last summer months of early 2008.So just to prove something really did get done we've provided photographic evidence.


Dark Mark a.k.a Chinaski working hard on a Clones track...Megaphone $5.00 AUD from Cash Converters...

The 'Boss' stops by to check on recording progress .

Bob Cadillac croons his way through 'Ha Ha Ha'