21 April 2010

Here it is : my old band Clones doing a version of the Flipper classic 'Ha Ha Ha'.Video was slapped together in 2 days using an old VHS camera and some energy drinks ...

29 March 2010

I'm making a movie

I have started making a movie under the working title " Suburbanic ".
There's a Blog about it HERE.
It's being shot on Super 8.It's based around some loose concepts from Soviet Filmmaking , Situationism and other odd stuff.
And Why not ?!

18 January 2010

Melbourne loses Iconic Hotel Venue.
The Tote Hotel has over 20 years of musical history behind it.It's part of Melbourne folklore and now it's going due to bureaucratic bullshit.Today there is a 26 band lineup in honour of the venue including the likes of The Drones,The Meanies,Dave Graney , ECSR etc...Melbournians will be fighting hard to prevent this happening to other venues caught in similar circumstances...


12 January 2010

The Triffids - Field of Glass

This is a Live EP recorded by The BBC in 1984.The band is sounding powerful and desperate.It's the title track that's the clincher...it's EPIC in all the best ways - ravaged sounding , a band that's deeply intuitive and a stunning performance by David Mc Comb ... apparently it was never re-recorded for any album release but you'd be hard pressed to wrench another performance like this - still we'll never know now will we?