31 December 2009

R.I.P Rowland S. Howard

We just lost another one...you won't see the likes of him again...

R.I.P.   Rowland S. Howard  30.12.09

''I understand that it is so much easier to write
about someone who is larger than life, and that's
exactly what we did in The Birthday Party.
It was a conscious decision to be caricatures.
The problem was some of us forgot where
the artifice stopped and we began.''

27 December 2009

Super Black - Cut Ups 001

Pain jams underneath the staggering plant. Pain bases the considered wombat.
Pain dishes my
tedious bond into a crunched abuse.
Why can't God parallel the dying chalk?
The carrier
differentiates a splitting pain.
Why does Pain pulse outside God?

How will the pedantic circle shoe Pain?
The susceptible coin grades an ancient against the
keyed husband.
An aunt tolerates God over a recruit. A calm volunteers with God.

A surrounded breath dreads Pain throughout the stunned brain.
Pain emerges near the
How can God obsess Pain? Pain seconds God underneath the silent.
When will Pain
rend the undocumented knife?
How will the executed female strain under God?
An insidious tutor burdens Pain across the

verdict. The minor abides after a basket! Why does Pain suffer?

Pain absents God. A prisoner doses a nick. Inside Pain discriminates the ace knight.
When will
Pain pretend the substantial snail?

19 December 2009

Super Black - Big Bad Video


21 November 2009

Download 1st Dotdash EP FREE

Dotdash EP released October 2005 - New Dot Assembly.
Now available as FREE download via RAPID SHARE.

Dotdash as Post Punk Exponent - they liked it in New Zealand...

07 November 2009

More Super Black

Just watched Godard's "Weekend" - manic and inspiring then this from $uper Black:

Evening All.

$ u p e r B l a c k are proud to present some unfinished demos for your listening pleasure.
Two tracks of unadulterated noise pop.

Dinger : 02:41 - A dedication to a Krautrock legend

Spot Pops : 02:58 - A celebration of excess and hedonism



26 September 2009

Super Black Demos are GO...

Super Black
Is the name of a new 'thing' from Tribal Thunder.It's everything and nothing at the same time.
Maybe even a little bit frightening.
You're Welcome...

08 August 2009

Current listening @ T01

Hunters and Collectors - S/T 1982
Hunters and Collectors turned into a dreadful chart topping pub rock band towards the end of their tenure.They were much more interesting on this early release...
Get it HERE

29 July 2009

Dotdash Demos and what not

Dotdash has some new demos available as FREE downloads :
Archive size = 49,374KB

All files encoded @ 320kbps 44.1khz Stereo

Go HERE and spread the word...
Then go HERE and look at some of Sue Partridge's artwork - then buy it and make her RICH and Critically acclaimed...

01 July 2009

Super Black and Bob Cadillac

Bob Cadillac , Dotdash and Super Black
Firstly , one time Black Panther and Clone , Bob Cadillac has joined Blogger.He's sharing some of his rock 'n roll redemption via his blog HERE.
Secondly Dotdash / Tribal thunder is working on a new project called 'Super Black'.Demos are up on myspace over HERE.
It's sounding bigger than Jesus so far and probably well over due as there may be a band formed...

22 June 2009

Current listening @ T01 22.06.09

Not the same amphetamine rush headfuck of the previous albums , Half Machine Lip moves or Alien Soundtracks but still great stuff.You can get 4 of their albums HERE

14 June 2009

Current listening @ T01 14.06.09

Killer melodies delivered at breakneck speed...gotta love that.
Found HERE

13 June 2009

Current listening @ T01 13.06.09

After NEU! Klaus Dinger formed La Dusseldorf.Conrad Plank producing Klaus Dinger's mad genius - breathtaking...
Found HERE.
You may as well grab the other albums while you're there.

11 June 2009

New demos from DOTDASH

Dotdash on Myspace

Just a quick note.New demos from Tribal Thunder/Dotdash are up on his myspace now.
Description :
"Aimlessly driving nowhere fast with extreme sunglare through every window and a car stereo that only gets AM Radio , a rose on your dashboard , your ex-partners makeup strewn on the floor and hedonistic thoughts a plenty...
The devil made me do it..."

06 June 2009


Flipper Live in Melbourne - HA HA HA.

That's right ...the last real threat to American Civilisation since Communism has come to the city of Melbourne , a place which currently carries the highest risk of catching the Swine flu in Australia.They're playing at 2 venues this week.
1. An expensive yuppy pub on a waterfront surrounded by over-priced housing and weekend poodle walkers.
2. A small smelly pub in Inner city Melbourne frequented by 6th generation punks and sad old two-tone revivalists.
They even have a NEW ALBUM out.
Hmmm - which one to go to?

Flipper myspace

31 May 2009

Current listening @ T01 Music 31.05.09


The album that launched a thousand copyists.It's stood the test of time well.I personally couldn't give a toss about all the tabloid bullshit that surrounded Dylan Carlson - this is essential...
Found HERE

20 May 2009

Current listening @ T01 Music 20.05.09

HTRK - Marry Me Tonight
HTRK stands for HATE ROCK but not of the White Supremacy kind.Hazy,narcotic and sexy.I recommend buying it but of course it's 'out there' for those of you who are resourceful enough to find it.They left Melbourne for Berlin a while back and I can see why...


16 May 2009

Current listening @ T01 Music

Apparently they've been called New Zealand's 'Sonic Rock Legends' but don't let that put you off.It's all about texture...mood...drone...and all that other serious post rock stuff.Sounds great in my headphones as I stare out the window into the grey abyss that is the Melbourne skyline.

Found over here.
Then you can buy it here.

03 April 2009

Current listening @ T01 - 04.03.09

World Domination Enterprises - Company News

Why these guys weren't huge is beyond me.One of the best things during the early 90s / late 80s.They definitely influenced some of the bands I played in...You can get it here

You should also get 'Lets play domination' too ...

01 April 2009

Current listening @ T01

The Ruts - Hits
Staring at the Rudeboys

The Human League

The Monochrome Set
Strange Boutique
AK 79
NZ Punk compilation featuring the fantastic 'Saturday night stay at Home' - The Suburban Reptiles

14 March 2009

Freak the Sheep

Back in the 80/90s in Auckland , New Zealand my good mate Lisa Van Der Aarde ran a radio show on student radio called 'Freak the Sheep'.It was one of the few shows on the airwaves dedicated to original NZ music and helped kickstart my career as a musician.Lisa managed my old band S.P.U.D for better or worse.A lot of muscians and NZ music in general has a lot to thank her for.Go HERE to read an interview with this legend of Kiwi music...Love you long time Lisa...

10 March 2009

Here are the young men

Yes it's all been said about Joy Division.They were pretty crucial to me growing up as a rural punk.They seemed to offer a way forward after the initial punk frenzy had died leaving some of us wanting more.
Anyway - if you haven't already seen it take a look at "Here are the young men" , an official Factory release of some fantastic live Joy Division and try to forget what New Order did to She's Lost Control in New York...


09 March 2009

Like a Dog...

I maintain myspace websites for two of my old bands.
King Loser
Recently myspace has blocked songs from both sites citing copyright infringement.
Initially I thought this was a joke - I was a member of both bands and performed on the songs...surely I AM the copyright holder.It's unclear exactly who is claiming ownership of the songs.Myspace is mediating between myself and the other party without offering any helpful information.
It seems this may have entered into the murky realms of publishing deals and contracts signed by both bands back in the nineties.Both bands were signed to Flying Nun Records and would have signed publishing to Festival Mushroom.
Flying Nun Records were consumed by Mushroom/News Ltd ? And now reside under Warner Music.Which is where I suspect the problem is.Warner in an effort to restrict their increasing revenue losses have randomly 'clamped it down'.
Pretty pathetic considering neither band would be moving many units these days.
Stay tuned...

Titorelli from The Trial - "You see, everything belongs to the Court."

11 February 2009

The Aftermath

The Bushfires in the Northern and Southern outskirts of Melbourne are the worst in our history.The damage both physically and emotionally has been massive.On Saturday 7th Feb. Victoria , Australia was the closest
place to Hell on Earth.

07 February 2009

Aloha from Hell

It's like living in a microwave oven...
Melbourne's all-time weather record has been broken and the city is sweltering under the twin effects of high temperatures and hot north-west winds.

The city hit 46.4 degrees at 3.04pm - the hottest day since the Bureau of Meteorology started keeping records 150 years ago.

The previous record was 45.6, set on January 13, 1939 - a day otherwise known as Black Thursday.

05 February 2009

R.I.P Lux Interior

R.I.P Lux Interior (1948 - 2009)
I met The Cramps many moons ago in the dark stairwell of a venue in New Zealand called The Powerstation.They asked me how the gig went ( I was playing in the support band ) .I mumbled a reply to them which seemed a bit childish , but I was seriously star-struck...these were larger than life icons of Rock n' Roll and I was a jibbering mess.Nick Knox still had his sunglasses on and they all looked ravishing...So I hope someone hangs your bones on the wall Lux - R.I.P

04 February 2009

Consumed lately at T01 Music 09

Listening : Blurt S/T (1982) - found HERE

01 February 2009

Consumed lately at T01 Music 08

Viewing : The Residents - Icky Flix (2001)
A selection of their videos from the original first ever music video 'Third Reich and Roll' to live performances in the 90s.INFO HERE

26 January 2009

Consumed lately at T01 Music 07

Listening :

Modern Eon - Fiction Tales (1981)
I guess these days it could be called 'Goth' music ?Great drumming using some inventive tom patterns ...ah yes the lost art of using rack toms!I bought this when I was a teenager and used to practice drumming along to it with the headphones on.My neighbours were extremely patient now that I think about it.
Found over HERE

24 January 2009

Consumed lately at T01 Music 06

Listening :
  • The Features - Victim / City Scenes (1980) Fantastic Kiwi Post-Punk that still sounds fresh - Read all about it HERE

22 January 2009

Consumed lately at T01 Music 05

Viewing :
  • Downtown '81 - Featuring Jean Michel Basquiat - NY before the 'gentrification' of The Bowery.IMDB Info
"Usually referred to by its original title "DOWNTOWN 81", the film gives a snapshot of life in run-down Lower East Side Manhattan in the early '80s. Shot in 1981, the film portrays the day-to-day routine of Jean-Michel Basquiat, "graffiti"-artist, musician, or perhaps more accurately, artist in general, as he tries to survive amidst rappers, junkies, strippers, models and uptown art-lovers. Due to financial difficulties, the film apparently got lost, but part of the original material was recovered in 1998 and was finally released in the year 2000. The original soundtrack remained lost, so Basquiat's voice had to be dubbed.
It's an interesting time-capsule of Post-Punk, New-Wave New York, with a sometimes fascinating compilation of interesting vignettes from the scene, but as a movie, it's less rewarding. The story is practically non-existent and there is no acting really, as everybody play themselves. There's much resemblance to the experimental films Andy Warhol made about the New York art scene. It's a typical example of a "fiction" film with a very lose story line combined with mostly real-life characters from the period, like Deborah Harry, Fab Five Freddy, the music of Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Tuxemodoon, The Plastics, DNA, The Lounge Lizards and Basquiat himself with his own band, Gray. A long segment in the film is reserved for a live performance of Kid Creole and the Coconuts. If you're a fan, it's great fun.
In the end a mixed bag, a film mainly of interest for fans of Basquiat and the music of the era. So, if you like the period, it's definitely worth checking out.

Camera Obscura --- 7/10"

20 January 2009

Consumed lately at T01 Music 04

  • Phew - Our Likeness (1992) Japanese singer collaborates with members of CAN / D.A.F et al. HERE
  • Simple Minds - Empires and Dance (1980) When they were good and probably more influenced by Krautrock than GREED...HERE
Viewing :
  • The Australian Open Tennis ( yep )

17 January 2009

Consumed lately at T01 Music 03

Listening :
  • Liquid Liquid - S/T (1997 )First 3 Eps & Live tracks.Legendary NY 80s funksters who wrote the track 'Cavern' sampled and made famous by Grandmaster Flash
  • Witch Hats - Cellulite Soul .Brash rock from Tasmanian lads now located in Melbourne.
  • Minutemen - Paranoid Time (1980)stunning debut on Greg Ginn's SST label featuring one Michael Watt , lately of The Stooges...

Viewing :

  • The Foreigner - Amos Poe ( 1978 )Rambling tale in downtown NY featuring various No Wave luminaries.IMDB

14 January 2009

Consumed lately at T01 Music 02

Listening :
  • Comsat Angels - Sleep no more
  • CAN - Soon over Babaluma
  • Seems Twice - Non-plussed 7" ( 10 tracks in 5 minutes !! ) HERE
  • UT - In Gut's House
  • The Pop Group - How much longer do we tolerate mass murder ? (1980) HERE
  • Units - Digital Stimulation (1980) HERE
  • Liaisons Dangereuses - S/T (1981) HERE
Viewing :
  • The Knack and how to get it ( 1965 ) IMDB info
  • Street Trash ( 1987 ) trashy 80s Gore/Humour IMDB info

11 January 2009

Consumed lately at T01 Music

Here's what has been consumed lately at T01 Music

Latest Viewing:
  • Bande A Parte - Jean Luc Godard
  • Touch of Evil - Orson Welles
  • Cul de sac - Roman Polanski
Latest Listening:
  • Captain Beefheart - Doc at the Radar Station
  • Death in June - NADA!
  • Love - Forever Changes

R.I.P Ron Asheton

09 January 2009

Dotdash on the wireless

Dotdash has some fresh songs up on myspace NOW ...And if you happen to live in Auckland or Dunedin NZ or Melbourne , Brisbane in Australia you may be lucky enough to hear some of his tracks on local radio stations.
Dotdash has provided the soundtrack for the antipodean summer - especially dedicated to all the misanthropes who avoid beach culture , nature walks or garden bars - we feel your PAIN...