14 March 2009

Freak the Sheep

Back in the 80/90s in Auckland , New Zealand my good mate Lisa Van Der Aarde ran a radio show on student radio called 'Freak the Sheep'.It was one of the few shows on the airwaves dedicated to original NZ music and helped kickstart my career as a musician.Lisa managed my old band S.P.U.D for better or worse.A lot of muscians and NZ music in general has a lot to thank her for.Go HERE to read an interview with this legend of Kiwi music...Love you long time Lisa...

10 March 2009

Here are the young men

Yes it's all been said about Joy Division.They were pretty crucial to me growing up as a rural punk.They seemed to offer a way forward after the initial punk frenzy had died leaving some of us wanting more.
Anyway - if you haven't already seen it take a look at "Here are the young men" , an official Factory release of some fantastic live Joy Division and try to forget what New Order did to She's Lost Control in New York...


09 March 2009

Like a Dog...

I maintain myspace websites for two of my old bands.
King Loser
Recently myspace has blocked songs from both sites citing copyright infringement.
Initially I thought this was a joke - I was a member of both bands and performed on the songs...surely I AM the copyright holder.It's unclear exactly who is claiming ownership of the songs.Myspace is mediating between myself and the other party without offering any helpful information.
It seems this may have entered into the murky realms of publishing deals and contracts signed by both bands back in the nineties.Both bands were signed to Flying Nun Records and would have signed publishing to Festival Mushroom.
Flying Nun Records were consumed by Mushroom/News Ltd ? And now reside under Warner Music.Which is where I suspect the problem is.Warner in an effort to restrict their increasing revenue losses have randomly 'clamped it down'.
Pretty pathetic considering neither band would be moving many units these days.
Stay tuned...

Titorelli from The Trial - "You see, everything belongs to the Court."