11 February 2009

The Aftermath

The Bushfires in the Northern and Southern outskirts of Melbourne are the worst in our history.The damage both physically and emotionally has been massive.On Saturday 7th Feb. Victoria , Australia was the closest
place to Hell on Earth.

07 February 2009

Aloha from Hell

It's like living in a microwave oven...
Melbourne's all-time weather record has been broken and the city is sweltering under the twin effects of high temperatures and hot north-west winds.

The city hit 46.4 degrees at 3.04pm - the hottest day since the Bureau of Meteorology started keeping records 150 years ago.

The previous record was 45.6, set on January 13, 1939 - a day otherwise known as Black Thursday.

05 February 2009

R.I.P Lux Interior

R.I.P Lux Interior (1948 - 2009)
I met The Cramps many moons ago in the dark stairwell of a venue in New Zealand called The Powerstation.They asked me how the gig went ( I was playing in the support band ) .I mumbled a reply to them which seemed a bit childish , but I was seriously star-struck...these were larger than life icons of Rock n' Roll and I was a jibbering mess.Nick Knox still had his sunglasses on and they all looked ravishing...So I hope someone hangs your bones on the wall Lux - R.I.P

04 February 2009

Consumed lately at T01 Music 09

Listening : Blurt S/T (1982) - found HERE

01 February 2009

Consumed lately at T01 Music 08

Viewing : The Residents - Icky Flix (2001)
A selection of their videos from the original first ever music video 'Third Reich and Roll' to live performances in the 90s.INFO HERE