22 June 2009

Current listening @ T01 22.06.09

Not the same amphetamine rush headfuck of the previous albums , Half Machine Lip moves or Alien Soundtracks but still great stuff.You can get 4 of their albums HERE

14 June 2009

Current listening @ T01 14.06.09

Killer melodies delivered at breakneck speed...gotta love that.
Found HERE

13 June 2009

Current listening @ T01 13.06.09

After NEU! Klaus Dinger formed La Dusseldorf.Conrad Plank producing Klaus Dinger's mad genius - breathtaking...
Found HERE.
You may as well grab the other albums while you're there.

11 June 2009

New demos from DOTDASH

Dotdash on Myspace

Just a quick note.New demos from Tribal Thunder/Dotdash are up on his myspace now.
Description :
"Aimlessly driving nowhere fast with extreme sunglare through every window and a car stereo that only gets AM Radio , a rose on your dashboard , your ex-partners makeup strewn on the floor and hedonistic thoughts a plenty...
The devil made me do it..."

06 June 2009


Flipper Live in Melbourne - HA HA HA.

That's right ...the last real threat to American Civilisation since Communism has come to the city of Melbourne , a place which currently carries the highest risk of catching the Swine flu in Australia.They're playing at 2 venues this week.
1. An expensive yuppy pub on a waterfront surrounded by over-priced housing and weekend poodle walkers.
2. A small smelly pub in Inner city Melbourne frequented by 6th generation punks and sad old two-tone revivalists.
They even have a NEW ALBUM out.
Hmmm - which one to go to?

Flipper myspace