31 May 2009

Current listening @ T01 Music 31.05.09


The album that launched a thousand copyists.It's stood the test of time well.I personally couldn't give a toss about all the tabloid bullshit that surrounded Dylan Carlson - this is essential...
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20 May 2009

Current listening @ T01 Music 20.05.09

HTRK - Marry Me Tonight
HTRK stands for HATE ROCK but not of the White Supremacy kind.Hazy,narcotic and sexy.I recommend buying it but of course it's 'out there' for those of you who are resourceful enough to find it.They left Melbourne for Berlin a while back and I can see why...


16 May 2009

Current listening @ T01 Music

Apparently they've been called New Zealand's 'Sonic Rock Legends' but don't let that put you off.It's all about texture...mood...drone...and all that other serious post rock stuff.Sounds great in my headphones as I stare out the window into the grey abyss that is the Melbourne skyline.

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